CRE91 Architectural Linear Light

  • The linear light of the CRE91 series pays homage to both nature and architecture. The key consideration in lighting design has always been how to integrate with the interior architecture and decorative environment, as it is a vital aspect of interior architectural design. CRE91 artistically incorporates natural elements such as wood chips, marble, and other natural materials as ornamental components of lights, allowing designers to select materials that complement the indoor architectural context. At the same time, the use of natural materials in conjunction with exterior stickers and bulbs facilitates personalized personalization. To improve the optical performance of the CRE91, we used a double-layer anti-glare construction.

design & application

  • Appearance: The selection of natural material accessories makes the lamps closer to nature and integrated into the indoor environment.
  • A double-layer anti-glare structure is used, resulting in a lateral UGR19 and improved optical performance.
  • Personalized customization: laser engraving text or LOGO pattern.
  • High quality optical structure, double layer anti-glare design
  • ①Anti-glare ribbed plate
  • ② High transmittance PC
  • ③ arc reflective cover
  • ④ Integrated lamp body
  • Customization: The variety of materials available for rnamental accessories is extensive, allowing lighting designers to make more unique selections quickly and easily.
  • ⑴ white beech Wood material
  • ⑵ walnut Wood material 
  • ⑶ cherry  Wood material
  • ⑷ White Oak Wood material
  • ⑸ bronze Metal material
  • ⑹ niello Metal material
  • ⑺ bright silver Metal material
  • ⑻ iron gray Metal material
  • ⑼ brown leather material
  • ⑽ blue leather material
  • ⑾ off-white leather material
  • ⑿ beige leather material
  • ⒀ Snow white Imitation marble material
  • ⒁ coffee color Imitation marble material
  • ⒂ yellow Imitation marble material
  • ⒃ black &white Imitation marble material