PDX45 Transparent Panel Light

  • To produce a unique impression, the PDX45 round transparent pendant lamp blends two related aspects of circle and transparency. Transparency eliminates the lamp’s contour, entirely restores the building’s space, and allows for more creative interior design. In modern architecture, the circle is a crucial component. The PDX45 is the perfect match for workplace and home in modern structures due to the minimalist form of the lamp body.
  • When the finger touches the switch, the transparent acrylic transforms into a soft luminous body, the light-emitting surface is soft and even, and the light distribution is evenly divided up and down, so that the eyes are cared for, and the space is made more transparent and spacious, so that people are in a good mood and have a beautiful day before they know it. All of this was the initial aim of our PDX4 round transparent chandelier design, which was to be a hermit of light.

design & application

  • Appearance: A frameless ultra-thin plate modern style model with built-in driver, single-wire hoisting, and a simple and clean appearance.
  • Technology: LED and nano light guide technology are integrated, and the light guide plate is made of Mitsubishi nano board imported from Japan.
  • Process: CNC engraving, surface oxidation, delicate.
  • Optics: The up and down lighting is evenly distributed, and the higher light is reflected by the ceiling, creating a pleasant light atmosphere and reducing eye strain significantly.
  • Anti-glare: The luminous area of a particular luminous flux is dramatically increased, but the lamp’s surface brightness is significantly reduced. To reduce light leaking and glare, the side of the light guide plate has been specifically coated.