PNX30 Ultra-thin Panel Light

  • PNX30 ultra-thin and narrow-frame panel light is a high-end office light fixture. The modern workplace style complements the simple and strong shape wonderfully. End cap technology, which is painstakingly manufactured, elevates it beyond the lackluster rut of regular LED panel lights, and it has become the final touch for office appliances.

design & application

  •  LED technology and a light guide plate accomplish the ultimate ultra-thinness.
  • CNC technology is used in our facility to make the seams more delicate,
  • Appearance: The ultra-thin tablet embodies contemporary style. The visible frame of the PNX3 light is only 12mm broad, while the lamp body is only 18mm thick.
  • Milky white diffuser
  •  PMMA diffuser ensures uniform light distribution.
  • The power supply is located behind the panel.
  • Microprism diffuse
  • Exterior details are more refined and transparent.
  • Precision light control and UGR﹤19.
  • The power supply is separately fixed in the ceiling box.
  • The lamp body is designed with a vertical heat dissipation structure, which reduces the frame’s width and increases its structural strength in the horizontal direction.