TBC4 Table Light

  • Round transparent table lamp TBC4 utilizes direct light emission, so all the light is below the line of sight of people, so there is no glare. The light is also uniform and soft.
  • This nano-acrylic plate is used as a decoration, allowing the light to be slightly revealed. The whole guide is crystal clear, adding originality to the space with its layers.

design & application

  • Appearance:The stainless-steel chromeplated decorative surface and the transparent acrylic are combined with the virtual and real, and the overall look is simple yet strong.
  •  Optics: This acrylic is illuminated by a direct light emission method. All of the light is diffused through the wall’s secondary reflection, which is soft and uniform, and complements the acrylic with rich light levels.
  • Chrome plated
  • Strong metallic luster, and transparent light guide plate form a sharp contrast, easy to control the industrial modern wind
  • CCT for option
  1. 3000K
  2. 4000K
  3. 5000K
  4. 6000K