WMC4 Wall Light

  • WMC4 series round wall lamps utilize the total reflection method, all of the light being diffused by the secondary reflection in the front, resulting in a soft and uniform light. Thenano-acrylic plate is used as a decoration, revealing a faint and subtle illumination.

design & application

  • A good lamps and lanterns, to bring you is not only practical, beautiful, more is a comfortable enjoyment.
  • The transparent acrylic and stainless steel chrome-plated ornamental surface merge the imaginary and the real, and the overall design is simple and capable.
  • A chrome-plated stainless steel plate is immediately fixed to the light guide plate, making it easy and stable.
  • Using the entire reflection light method, all of the light is diffused softly and uniformly through the secondary reflection of the wall, and the acrylic sets off each other, resulting in a rich light level.
  • 3 color temperatures are available to meet your preferences
  • 5000K
  • 3000K
  • 4000K