PDX45 the Anchorite

To produce a unique impression, the PDX45 round transparent pendant lamp blends two related aspects of circle and transparency. Transparency eliminates the lamp’s contour, entirely restores the building’s space, and allows for more creative interior design. In modern architecture, the circle is a crucial component. The PDX45 is the perfect match for workplace and home in modern structures due to the minimalist form of the lamp body. When the finger touches the switch, the transparent acrylic transforms into a soft luminous body, the light-emitting surface is soft and even, and the light distribution is evenly divided up and down, so that the eyes are cared for, and the space is made more transparent and spacious, so that people are in a good mood and have a beautiful day before they know it. All of this was the initial aim of our PDX4 round transparent chandelier design, which was to be a hermit of light.


Inspiration from nature
Being , Modest
Sense of lightness
Concise and fashion, Tough and purity, Clean and orderly
born for light
Hide itself, draw the light back to people
Explore New fashion
Combined with clear LGP and Metal round body,figure a rounded and smooth profile Without makeup, but also amazing


various pattern on surface

Driver is located in the circle body.
Hidden, more artistic
8mm Nano LGP
Elegant, ultra-thin, frameless



Considerate optical system.
Up and down light,you can work comfortable and alleviate eye fatigue.
Soft light,care of your eyes, relax your body.



ordering information

Ordering code Watts Lumens Light Distribution Note
PDX45024RUW830VHVSG3L 2 3 4 5
Ordering code
Ordering Sample
PD X 46 036 R UW 8 CC VHV SG 3 L
① (Series) PD: Pendant light
② (Class) C: Economical E: Balance X: Performance T: Transparent
③ (SN) 42/45/46: Round
④ (Watts) 036: 36Watts and so on
⑤ (Control Mode) A: 0/1-10V U: On/Off D: DALI R: RF 2.4G
⑥ (Light Distribution) UW: Ultra Wide, 110°
⑦ (Color Render Index) 8: 80≤Ra<90 9: 90≤ra<100
⑧ (CCT) 30: 3000K 40: 4000K 50: :5000K 60: 6000K CC: Adjustable
⑨ (Voltage) UHV: 110-277V VHV: 110-230V V22: 220-240V
⑩ (Housing Color) BK: Black WH: White SG: Silver LG: light Gray CF: Cafe
⑪ (Mount) 3: Pendant
⑫ (Optical Material) L: Nano light guide plate D: White diffusion hood

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